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Armenians call this forested region in the northeast their Little Switzerland. Dilijan is a resort town with mild climate, fresh air in the northeast of Yerevan. The surrounding mountains of Dili Villa B&B are covered by forests and Alpine meadows. Dilijan ist rich in mineral springs, some of which are comparable to those at Vichy in France and Davos in Switzerland. Medical herbs of this region are unseparated part of armenian traditional cuisine. The Dilijan region is famous for its mineral water, which is bottled and sold as a health tonic.

Sharambeyan Street in DilijanDilijan is one of the famous resort areas in Armenia. It has been a resort place of Armenian kings in the ancient times. The wooden buildings and porches you’ll see here are a rare sight in Armenia.  Sharambeyan street near the bus stop has been preserved and maintained as an "old town Dilijan", complete with craftsmens workshops, a gallery and a museum. Dili Villa B&B is your perfect base, to get the best out of your vacation in Dilijan.       

Scharambeyan StreetSince the area is full of historical and natural attractions, visitors can enjoy some interesting tours. Hiking and mountain bicycling are also popular in Dilijan, especially at the Dilijan Nature Reserve. People say, "If there are woods, mountains and mineral springs in paradise, then paradise has to look like Dilijan". 

HaghartsinThe greatest regional attractions are the monasteries of Haghardzin, Goshavank, and Jukhtakvank, which were all built in the Middle Ages. Haghartsin, the most popular, is located several kilometers east of Dilijan and consists of three churches and a refectory. The oldest of the churches, St. Gregory, was built in the tenth century. The other churches, St. Stepanos and St. Astvatsatsin, as well as the refectory, date back to the thirteenth century. The refectory of Haghartsin is also very unique in character. There is a number of very interesting khachkars in the complex. The setting is wooded, and ideal for hiking and picnicking.

"Parz Lich" Parz-Lich (Clear Lake) is one of the beautiful lakes of Armenia. It is situated in the heart of the dense forest at the altitude of 1400m above sea level. An admirable breathtaking harmony of the lake doesn't let you go.

If you are a restless seeker of adventure, if you are interested in flora, fauna and geology, if you want to feel the odour of the ancient history of Dilijan, join us on the way of excitement and discovery.

Enjoy your stay in our Guesthouse Dili Villa B&B, also formerly known as Ghazaryan's Guesthouse.

                                                                               Dili Villa B&B    DILITOURS

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